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Current Growing Practice Is Inefficient

Either you are growing in your home gardening or a large scale farm, the current practice is inefficient. Most resources are wasted to the ground.

Did you know that your plants did not fully utilize its resources?

Studies shown that for every 1kg of fertilizer used, only 30% will be absorb by plants. Balance 70% will eventually wasted to ground and resulting in pollutions.

What if that 1kg turns into 100kg? Imagine 70kg of fertilizer wasted to the ground and polluted our land.

With Harvast, we help plants to take up all the nutrients efficiently.
Overall cost can be reduced and it will helps to give you more yield in shorter cycle period.
Imagine your normal 45 days crop cycle shorten into merely 25 to 30 days.

Below are comparison photos of Harvast applied on Choy Sum grown in Hydroponic set.

Plants that use Harvast had larger size of leaves. And it can be harvest earlier.

How Harvast works?


Photosynthesis is a process where plants absorbing sunlights and using its energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar, which is the source of food for plants. This sugar will then be distributed throughout the plants to grow their stem, roots, leaf, flower and fruits.


Harvast formulated with a special organic compound have a similar features as chlorofil, a green pigment responsible for photosynthesis.

When sprayed on leaves, it penetrates the leaves and interact with chloroplast (which contains chlorofil). This interactions helps in the electron transfer mechanism inside the leaves photo-system which resulting in increase of photosynthesis rate of the plants.

Why Harvast works so well?


Our studies shown that plants using Harvast produce 20% more energy than usual plants.


With Harvast, water consumptions can be reduce up to 40% less than the usual usage.


In one of our studies, we found out that the plants using Harvast absorb 60% more Carbon Dioxide than normal plants.


As mention earlier, plants need lights for photosynthesis. By using Harvast plants requires less light to achieve maximum photosynthesis. Thus it is great for indoor plants!

Is Harvast for me?

Either you grow vegetables, fruits plants, flower or any type of plants in your garden Harvast is definitely designed for your plants.

Customer Testimonial

What customers says about Harvast?

Alhamdulillah dah beberapa hari petik beberi (mulberry) depan rumah. Kalau buah banyak maknanya daun dia pun lebat. Banyak pula daun-daun baru tumbuh.

Cik Mala


Thank you Harvast. Cili tumbuh dengan gembiranya. Boleh repeat order ni Dr Su. Hehe

Cik Farah Jehan

Bangi, Selangor

Pokok saya asalnya boleh kira daun dia. Saya spray Harvast nak bagi pokok tu merimbun. Memang nampak perubahan dekat pokok, sekarang merimbun! Lepas sembur pucuk mula keluar selepas 3 hari. Gembira sangat tengok daun dia!

Cik Norbaizura

Puncak Alam, Selangor

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